Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes That’ll Catch Your Eyes


Not only are they easy to make, but they’re delicious (and relatively low calorie when you’re also eating piles of dressing, turkey, burgers, and pies, depending on what kind of party you’re at). If you are bored by the typical recipe, try these unique ideas the next time you’re preparing for a get-together.

Children and adults alike will love these strange (but delicious) eggs.

You’ll want to try these tuna eggs ASAP. It’s like a mini tuna salad sandwich!

Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-1

Shrimp and eggs is a genius combination you probably haven’t thought of before.

Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-2

Love Sriracha? Then you’re going to go nuts over this.

Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-3

Ever think to use tarragon in deviled eggs? You should. It’s great!Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-4

Even if you’re not a fan of pickled eggs, you’ll want to try this colorful recipe.

Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-5

Pumpkins may not be growing right now, but who cares? These look delicious.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-6

Dijon mustard makes this recipe extra delicious.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-7

Pesto is delicious…and it’s even better when it’s in a deviled egg.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-8

These eggs require only two ingredients…they’re so simple and delicious.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-9

Yes. That’s kimchi. (Amazing!)Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-10

Loaded potatoes are great, but loaded deviled eggs may be better.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-11

Make this classic dish super spicy with this roasted jalapeño recipe.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-12

These fried deviled eggs don’t even pretend to be healthy.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-13

Cream cheese deviled eggs. They need no explanation.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-14

Delight children and adults alike this Easter with these bright eggs.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-15

Buffalo sauce? Check. Blue cheese? Check. Deviled egg awesomeness? Double check.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-16

Deviled egg chicks are perfect for Easter. D’uh.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-17

Bacon tends to go with everything, but these bacon deviled eggs are even better than you’d think.Incredibly Unique Deviled Egg Recipes-18