Making These 10 Takeout Delicacy At Home


If you’re tasked with making delicacy dinner every night, you know how good it feels to put down the utensils, ditch the oven, and tell the person on the other end of the line that you want pizza and you want it now.
But here’s the thing. All of that convenience usually comes with a heaping helping of sodium, calories, and nasty additives. Oh, and there’s the whole “it’ll rob you blind after a while” situation. All of that is the opposite of cute. Your wallet wants you to stop being a hater.

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your favorite takeout meals behind after you say goodbye to your delivery guy forever. Follow the links below to learn how to make these takeout staples at home!

1. Even people who are afraid of sushi love a good California roll.10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-1

2. Sesame chicken without the MSG? Yes please.10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-2

3. Trick your friends into thinking you paid a pretty penny for these vegan chili burgers.10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-3

4. Things are about to get fancy up in here with low-calorie crab rangoons.10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-4

5. If you love Mexican food, these healthy enchiladas are about to become your go-to weekend treats.10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-6 (2)

6. When you can’t get enough wontons in your life — and let’s be real, you never can — stuff your face with these!10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-6 (1)

7. Instead of opting for fried falafel from your favorite Mediterranean joint, bake your own at home and add them to this gorgeous falafel salad.10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-7

8. Takeout burrito bowls are chock-full of stuff that you really don’t need, so up the freshness with this low-cal version.10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-8

9. This coconut chicken curry dish is delicious and packs a nutritious punch — and it’s Rachael Ray’s recipe, so you know it’s good.10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-9

10. Lo mein is a takeout staple, so why not learn how to make your own? This recipe calls for pork, but you can use any protein you want (or ditch meat altogether).10 Takeout Delicacy At Home-10

Making your own takeout is all about control. You have the final say when it comes to how much sodium and saturated fat you’re stuffing into your face hole, and once you master these recipes, you can stop wondering where all of your money goes. It’s a win-win, folks. If you’ll excuse me, I have a hot date with about 40,000 rangoons.