Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms


Ten  Miles of Peach Blossoms, It is a Chinese fantasy that is about Bai  Qian and Ye Hua’s love story ,.Author is Tang QI ,Amazing storyline ,well put together ,and beautiful costumes, Almost every  comments  was 5 stars , Just like that : This show is addicting! Yang MI is so cute and playful. It takes awhile to get used to all the characters and their complicated relationships. Love the animation and CG. Definitely worth watching.  Chinese dramas are hit and miss for me, so I was skeptical about this one. So GLAD I gave it a chance though! Cringeworthy CGI aside, I am loving every minute of this. the story really draws you in, and the casting is perfect. There are a lot of characters to keep track of, but I’m not having as much difficulty as I thought I would keeping them all straight. What is interesting to me is that I recognize a lot of these actors from other shows, but everyone’s performance here is just better than I’ve ever seen them. I would have to guess there is a skilled director at work here who really knows how to draw quality performances out of his actors. Cant wait to find out what happens next!    

Recommend reading the book, To the Sky Kingdom ,  You could know more about this drama .



 Bai Qian &Ye Hua ,She is queen of Qing Qiu .He is the prince of fairy.They loved each other 12eb752cd2a9bc5dcaecd8b9f6cecb1bc00ddc555c98f9dd621ea5d9c2dc509d

Zhe Yan & Bai Zhen ,Zhe Yan is a very older phoenix,Bai zhen is fox.They all become man .


Feng Jiu & Dong Hua


Dong Hua