This Is What Happens When You Reunite With Your BFF


If you and your best friend are currently in a long-distance friendship, you know just how glorious it is when the two of you finally reunite.

For starters, there will be lots of screaming.Reunite With Your BFF-3 (2)And obviously every moment will be documented on Instagram and Snapchat.Reunite With Your BFF-3

You’ll do all the things you used to love doing together… like drinking excessive amounts of wine… Reunite With Your BFF-4


…And attempting to drink like you used to in college. (Spoiler: You can’t anymore.)Reunite With Your BFF-5

Obviously your BFF crashes with you when they’re in town, because sharing a bed is second nature to you at this point.Reunite With Your BFF-6
If you introduce them to a ~special someone,~ they might get “the talk.” Reunite With Your BFF-7

And if you neglect them for even a moment, they really won’t know what to do with themselves.Reunite With Your BFF-8


You’ll probably end up being late everywhere you go because you have more fun doing absolutely nothing with each other, than doing anything with other people.Reunite With Your BFF-9

Basically, you’ll wish their visit would never end.Reunite With Your BFF-10